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Therapy at home

Sometimes more is needed than a visit at the therapist office. That is why I visit my patients in the safety of their own home. 

flexible work

Sometimes additional help is needed within already existing care of clients. As a freelancer I am able to offer the additional help within your company.

personal assistance

Besides therapy I also offer care and coaching at home to children and teenagers. SomeNaast therapie geef ik ook zorg aan huis aan kinderen en jongeren. From bringing structure for the day to asstistance with homework. I will deliver the suitable care that meets the needs of your child. 

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Artistic portfolio

Take a look at my portfolio of exercises and modules

Art therapy

Art therapy follows a non-verbal method in which the experience of the medium is paramount. Experiences, feelings and emotions are expressed with a tangible product. This creates space to make the unconscious conscious. Within art therapy there is room to practice new behavior in a safe environment.



Within art therapy there are a multitude of possibilities to paint. Like aquarel or acryl paint. Read more about possible techniques.

Clay modeling

Working with river clay gives an infinity of subjects and shapes to model. Read more about the possibilities.



Drawing is very broad. There are many materials available such as colored pencil, charcoal, crayon, etc. Read more about the possibilities of drawing.

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