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The terms and conditions

Below are the general terms and conditions of Praktijk Otterspoor.


Intake and introduction

I will first have an introductory meeting to see where your needs lie. And whether there is a click between therapist and client. The process will start with an agreement between both parties that connects to art therapy. This conversation will take approximately one hour.


Observation phase

Then the observation phase will start. These will be 3 sessions where a visual assignment will be made every week. we make three free visual works for . From our conversations and the visual works I make a treatment plan. This treatment plan will be discussed in the following session. After agreement, the treatment plan will be continued.



  • After approval of the treatment plan, the treatment process will start. There is no set treatment duration and is generally estimated to be between 10 to 12 sessions. This can be shorter or longer depending on the request for help. Each session is 60 minutes. The treatment plan is tailored to the client.

  • The therapist will perform the services to the best of its knowledge and form. Achieving the intended results cannot be guaranteed.

  • The client and/or legal representatives are themselves responsible for providing important information from previous (medical) files to the therapist. If you choose not to share this information, this may have adverse consequences for the therapeutic process.

  • Praktijk Otterspoor and the therapist are not held liable for any damage and/or actions of the client during and after the treatment.

  • The client and/or legal representatives retain the right to inspect the file by appointment and to terminate the treatment process at any time.



Interim evaluations are held during the process. Practice Otterspoor takes 6 weeks for each evaluation (unless agreed otherwise). During these conversations, there is a review of the previous sessions and the possible progression of the set treatment goals. The therapist writes a short report about this. Any adjustments can be made to the treatment plan if it appears that this will benefit the client and their treatment process.

Each trajectory is concluded by means of a final evaluation. In this conversation we look back at the therapy and what the client has learned from it. After this conversation (if time permits) a final project can be made. A report of this will also be made and sent to the client and/or legal representatives.

Rights and obligations


Practice Otterspoor cannot be held liable for damage and actions of the client during and after the treatment. The therapist does have the responsibility for the well-being of the client during the sessions. Once the session ends, the therapist and practice are no longer responsible for and are therefore not responsible for actions taken outside the sessions.


Parental authority

  • When a child is registered for treatment, the practice asks to have contact with both authoritative parents since both must agree to the treatment.

  • Custodial parents are entitled to the same information about the treatment and progress of their child's treatment process.

  • Information from conversations, email contact, final reports or other forms of reporting may not be used in legal proceedings.

Terms of payment


The practice has decided not to register with the professional association or the professional therapy register. This means that the costs of the treatment are currently not reimbursed by health insurance. Practice Otterspoor intends to register with the CAT collective. A trade association for alternative therapists. The practice will then do its utmost to comply with the requirements set to give clients the opportunity to benefit from partial reimbursements. To stay informed of changes, you can return to the general terms and conditions.


In connection with the above, it has also been decided to keep the rates of Praktijk Otterspoor as low as possible. As a self-employed person, there are other activities in addition to the treatment process, such as reporting, preparation and administration. That is why it was decided to keep the hourly rate at 55 euros.

There is no charge for the introductory meeting. For every other appointment, including the treatment sessions and evaluations, 55 euros will be charged.

The rates can be changed at the start of the calendar year. The therapist will inform the client of this in writing one month in advance. Since this change applies to already ongoing treatments.


Terms of payment

  • The costs declared by the therapist to the client are invoiced per session at the end of each week and must be paid by the client within 14 days, unless otherwise agreed.

  • In the event of non-payment of 14 days after the invoice date, the therapist will send the client a payment reminder by e-mail.

  • If the client does not meet his/her payment obligations within 10 days after sending the payment reminder, a registered reminder will follow. An amount of € 15.00 will be charged to the client for this reminder.

  • If the client has not fulfilled his/her obligations within 10 days of the date of the reminder, the therapist is entitled to take collection measures without further notice of default.

  • In the absence of payment, the therapist is entitled to suspend further treatment until the client has fulfilled their payment obligations.




At the latest 24 hours before the appointment, it is possible to cancel the appointment by telephone or e-mail. No costs are charged for this. If the appointment is not canceled within 24 hours, the full rate of 55 euros will be charged.

The process can be stopped at any time by either party. In the event of termination by the client and/or legal representatives, the cancellation period of 24 hours is still in effect.

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