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Guidance at home

Sometimes as a family you need extra support at home. I guide children and teenagers up to and including the age of 18 under the personal budget (pgb).

How do I proceed?

You come to the practice with a request for help. I will then schedule an introductory meeting so that I can meet you and your family. This conversation is important, because you get the chance to see if I am suitable as a care provider to work with your family and child. If we both agree, I will first make an observation appointment to see what the current situation is. From there I make a guidance plan and discuss it with you before I get started. Once in a while I will schedule evaluations with you and if possible also with your child to discuss progress and make adjustments if necessary.

No fixed rate is charged for guidance under the PGB. The reason behind this choice is that municipalities each charge their own amounts for different forms of assistance. This proposal can be sent to the municipality. 

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