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About me

Hello! My name is Kirsten and I am 26 years old. I am a personal are attendant art therapist.

My work experience

In 2015 I graduated as a personal care attendant at the Albeda College. Since then i have worked with young adults with mental an/or physical dissabilities within home care and daytime activity centres. I have also worked with children and youngsters with developmental disorders and/or behavioural  issues from the personal budget (PGB).

In August of 2022 I graduated as an art therapist with an anthroposophical background at the university of applied sciences in Leiden. My experience as a therapist is with youngsters with developmental disorders and/or behavioural  issues and adults in acute psychiatry.

What is anthroposophical art therapy?

Sometimes talking isn't enough or just very difficult. That is why art therapy uses a non-verbal approach with visual arts as medium. Through this medium feelings, emotions and experiences can be researhed, new insights can be acquired and new behaviour practiced in a safe environment.

Anthroposophy is a filosofy that doesn't necessarily look at the labels you've been given, but look at you as the fully-fledged human that has lost their balance. By combining this view with scientific knowledge and data I work with a holistic approah together with you towards your goals. 

Experiences of others

'''When someone is high in emotion, you do not push them to keep working creatively, you that at that moment they have other needs and I find that very pleasent.''

— A participant in the acute psychiatry program.

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